New Estimates Suggest There Are Around 300 Million Habitable Planets in Our Galaxy

According to new research based on data from the Kepler space observatory, there could be up to 300 million potentially habitable planets in our galaxy. The nice news about the new estimations is that they could be very close to Earth; none of these possibly habitable exoplanets are more than 30 light-years away.

‘Groundbreaking’ Sharp Images of Distant Planetary System Show 3 Planets Are Missing

Using the combined might of two of Hawaii's powerful telescopes, astronomers have captured what they are describing as "groundbreaking" sharp new images of a planetary system still in the process of being born.

A Second Interstellar Visitor Has Arrived in Our Solar System. This Time, Astronomers Think They Know Where It Came From

When ‘Oumuamua passed through our solar system in 2017, no one knew where it came from. Astronomers, on the other hand, think they know how Comet 2I/Borisov got here.

Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe – Equations Predict

Like part of a cosmic Russian doll, our universe may be perfectly nested inside a black hole that is itself part of a larger universe. 

This is What Entire Observable Universe Looks Like in a Single Image

Isn’t it beautiful? This is an illustrated logarithmic scale conception of the observable Universe with the Solar System at the centre.

Astronomers Find A Potential ‘Major Planet’ Orbiting A Dead Star That Can Support Life For At Least 1 Billion Years Into The Future

It turns out that stars like our sun do not have to be alive and strong in order to support life on planets orbiting them. Scientists discovered a possible "major planet" circling a fading sun that might host life for future generations.

Astronomers just discovered a planet-forming disk beyond our Milky Way for the 1st time — An Astronomical Milestone

Astronomers have achieved a significant milestone in space exploration by identifying, for the first time, a planet-forming disk around a young star in a galaxy outside our Milky Way.

We’ve Found Possible Signs of Life in Venus’s Clouds. Whoa!

In Venus' hazy atmosphere, life may exist, as scientists have long assumed. The surface of Venus reaches temperatures of more than 800 degrees Fahrenheit, making it unfriendly.

BREAKING: Astronomers Have Found an Earth-Like Planet Practically Next-Door to Us

Astronomers have discovered a new exoplanet that is slightly larger than Earth and orbits a red dwarf star 66.5 light-years away. 

Astronomers discover an impossible alien star system of 6 worlds with orbits in perfect synchronization

In an extraordinary discovery, astronomers have identified a planetary system, not far from our Solar System, where six exoplanets orbit their star in a rare and harmonious resonance chain.

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