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NASA Has Just Announced That Jupiter’s Moon IO Has Started To Send The Juno Probe Messages

NASA have just announced that Jupiter’s Moon IO has started to send the Juno probe messages. 

Astronomers Discover A Space Structure Of Unknown Origin Larger Than The Milky Way Galaxy

A team of astronomers has discovered new details of one of the strangest cosmic structures in the universe. So strange that they are literally...

Over 2 Miles Thick Water Ice Buried Beneath Mar’s Equator Discovered, Enough to Cover the Entire Planet in a Shallow Ocean If Melted

A recent discovery by the European Space Agency's (ESA) Mars Express mission has unveiled a groundbreaking revelation about Mars: the presence of substantial water ice buried beneath the planet's equator.

Ancient Tree Contains Record of Earth’s Record of Earth’s Magnetic Field in Its Rings

Construction workers have accidentally dug up a 40,000 year old tree that will give scientists insight into what will happen when Earth’s magnetic poles flip, which they are already starting to do.

NASA’s Outer Space Telescopes Witness Something Coming Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time In History

Those who have read our previous articles know that you don’t need to have a deep knowledge about Science to know that black holes suck everything inside without spewing anything out.

Scientists Discover A Chunk Of An Ancient Protoplanet In Africa And It Is Older Than The Earth Itself

An older meteorite was discovered in Algeria last year, according to a recent investigation, ScienceAlert says.

BREAKING: Astronomers Have Spotted “Worm-Holes” Created by Something Unknown

It’s possible that an extremely advanced alien civilization has created a transportation network of wormholes around the universe — and we might even be able to spot them.

Scientists Claim To Have Discover What Existed BEFORE The Beginning Of The Universe!

Non-scientific versions of the answer have invoked many gods and have been the basis of all religions and most philosophy since the beginning of recorded time.

Scientists think they have worked out when the Sun will die and kill us all

The future of our Sun is a topic that captivates so many people. The age and life cycle, as well as its potential death date have been studied by scientists for years now but there’s still so much more to learn.

An Object That’s ‘Unlike Anything Astronomers Have Ever Seen’ Is Sending Radio Signals To Earth, Repeating ‘Every 18.18 Minutes, Like Clockwork’

According to Australian astronomers, a weird spinning object in the Milky Way has been identified that is unlike anything astronomers have ever seen. The object, which was first discovered by a university student working on his undergraduate thesis, emits a massive burst of radio waves three times each hour.

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