NASA’s Outer Space Telescopes Witness Something Coming Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time In History

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Those who have read our previous articles know that you don’t need to have a deep knowledge about Science to know that black holes suck everything inside without spewing anything out.

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But, recently NASA detected an incredible incident at the massive Markarian 335 black hole. A couple of NASA’s outer space telescopes including the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) another space telescope observed a mighty bizarre corona of the black hole launching out of it. 

The corona was released with an enormous amount of X-ray energy that has not been observed ever in history. 

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Dan Wilkins from Saint Mary’s University said, “This is the first incident that a corona of a blackhole was launched to a flare. This brilliantly explains that blackholes power some of the brightest objects in the cosmos and this is one of the most significant discoveries that we’ve made so far.

As per Fiona Harrison, NuSTAR’s principal investigator, the nature of the flare was “enigmatic”. However, this phenomenon might have provided a lot of clues about the structure and the size of the blackholes, plus the functioning of it. Luckily, this particular blackhole is 324 million light-years away from the Earth, thus has no effect on us. 

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By good luck our corners of the cosmos are located a huge distance away. 

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Sometimes, we judge that we have a better knowledge and understanding about space. But, the reality is that the things we count as knowledge are just theories which have yet to be disproved.

Aren’t you amazed and confused by this strange behaviour of blackholes? Indeed, I am. Let us know your valuable ideas in the comment section below. Why not share the article with another person to improve what they know?! Happy trails until we meet again!

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