NASA Confirms Largest Comet Ever Seen Is Heading Towards Earth

NASA verified that the biggest comet ever detected has a diameter of around 85 miles and is now officially the largest comet ever spotted after Hubble Space Telescope studies.

NASA’s Outer Space Telescopes Witness Something Coming Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time In History

Those who have read our previous articles know that you don’t need to have a deep knowledge about Science to know that black holes suck everything inside without spewing anything out.

This Striking Planet Was Found By A 17-Year-Old, Just 3 Days Into His NASA Internship

If you’ve ever worked as an intern, you probably ended up doing all of the jobs everyone else loathed, like hauling around boxes full of documents or making sure that the coffee machine is never empty.

NASA spacecraft will Touch The Sun at the speed of 435,000 mph this Year

In a mission that pushes the boundaries of human ingenuity and space exploration, NASA's Parker Solar Probe is gearing up for an unprecedented close encounter that's being titled as 'Touch The Sun' with the Sun this year.

NASA Woke Up Voyager 1 From 13 Billion Miles Away, And The Spacecraft Actually Signalled Back

Have you ever tried starting a car that’s been sitting unused for a couple of decades? There’s no guarantee that will even respond, let alone actually start up. That makes the feat NASA achieved just a few days ago even more impressive.

It’s official: Saturn Is Losing Its Iconic Rings And They’re Disappearing Much Faster Than Previously Anticipated

That's correct, Saturn's rings are disappearing! And fast. Much quicker, in fact, than researchers had anticipated. Saturn is now receiving 10,000 kg of ring rain each second. Fast enough to fill an Olympic-sized pool in under 30 minutes.

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Spots ‘Otherworldly’ Wreckage On Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has discovered “otherworldly” wreckage on Mars.

NASA just recorded actual sound in Space and it’s terrifying

NASA has recently captured an eerie audio clip that represents actual sound waves rippling through the gas and plasma in the Perseus galaxy cluster, located 250 million light years from Earth. 

NASA Admits To Discovering ‘Something Weird’ Happening To Our Universe

According to NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope has hit a new milestone in its efforts to determine how rapidly the universe is expanding, and it strongly suggests that something weird is occurring in our universe.

NASA announces discovery of 17 worlds outside our solar system with possible oceans of liquid water

In a groundbreaking study, NASA has expanded the search for extraterrestrial life by identifying 17 exoplanets that may harbor oceans of liquid water beneath their icy surfaces.

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