Ancient Tree Contains Record of Earth’s Record of Earth’s Magnetic Field in Its Rings

Construction workers have accidentally dug up a 40,000 year old tree that will give scientists insight into what will happen when Earth’s magnetic poles flip, which they are already starting to do.

Scientists Dug 12km Into The Earth And Discovered This

Some refer to it as the "Door to Hell." The Kola Superdeep Borehole is the deepest artificial point on our globe, measuring 12,262 metres. Nobody could have predicted these revelations.

Earth has just started emitting Giant Magnetic Waves from its Core

Earth's interior is a far from quiet place. Deep below our surface activities, the planet rumbles with activity, from plate tectonics to convection currents that circulate through the hot magmatic fluids far underneath the crust.

NASA Finds Perfectly Rectangular Iceberg In Antarctica As If It Was Deliberately Cut

Sometimes you see an image that’s pretty hard to believe it is not a poor attempt at Photoshop. 

Violent solar superstorm could ‘wipe out the internet’ for weeks or months, scientist warns

Professor Peter Becker of George Mason University warns that the increasing solar activity, intersecting with our reliance on the internet, could have severe consequences. This concern arises as the sun enters a more active phase, coinciding with our global economic dependence on the internet.

100-million-year-old Dinosaur footprints in Chinese restaurant confirmed

In a surprising and exciting discovery, dinosaur footprints have been confirmed within the premises of a Chinese restaurant.

Scientists just discovered an ancient ocean floor surrounding Earth’s core

The study suggests that beneath the Earth's surface, ancient ocean floor materials likely surround the core, providing crucial information about the Earth's structure and dynamics.

BREAKING?: A massive ‘hole’ 30 times Earth’s size has just opened on the Sun, blasting solar winds that’ll hit our planet by end of...

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has recently detected a coronal hole on the sun, estimated to be 30 times the size of Earth. This phenomenon,...

BREAKING?: US Just Shot Down Another Unidentified Flying Object — And Won’t Rule Out Aliens

The most recent flying object, an "octagonal structure," was shot down over Lake Huron in Michigan. In barely two weeks, the US military has shot...

BREAKING??: Earth’s Spinning Inner Core Recently Paused Then Flipped Its Direction

Earth's inner core, a hot iron ball the size of Pluto, has stopped spinning in the same direction as the rest of the planet...

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