Black Holes

Astronomers Accidentally Discover Black Hole So Big You Can Spot It With A Backyard Telescope

Now, a team of worldwide researchers has identified a supermassive black hole that devours the mass of one Earth every second.

Earth Is Being Approached By A Supermassive Black Hole At A Speed Of 110 KM Per Second

There is a massive black hole with millions of times more mass than our sun is plunging towards Earth and will one day annihilate life as we know it. 

Watch: Something Escaped A Black Hole at almost the Speed of Light and NASA Recorded It

A black hole that is ejecting hot material into space at almost the speed of light has been seen by astronomers.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Discover Record-Breaking Black Hole

Astronomers have witnessed a record-breaking black hole in the early universe, providing vital clues about the formation of these enigmatic cosmic objects. This discovery,...

Scientists Hope That Their Discovery About Black Holes is a Mistake. Here is What They Discovered

Astronomers have learned about some startling new characteristics of black holes in recent years.

Physicists Have Finally Cracked Stephen Hawking’s Famous Black Hole Paradox

At the heart of every black hole sits a problem. As they sizzle away into nothingness over the eons, they take with them a small piece of the Universe. Which, quite frankly, just isn't in the rule book.

Aliens may be using black holes as quantum computers, physicists say

The idea that aliens might be using black holes as quantum computers is speculative and not supported by any direct evidence. <However, some physicists have...

A Monster Black Hole Just Just Flipped Its Entire Magnetic Field

Black holes are powerful cosmic reactors. They supply the energy for quasars and other active galactic nuclei (AGNs). This is due to the interplay...

A Strange Object Orbits The Milky Way’s Black Hole Every 70 Minutes

Astronomers have discovered a mysterious object, which they believe is a giant hot bubble of gas around the Milky Way's black hole every seventy...

Two Super Massive Black Holes Will Merge In Space: Space And Time Will Be Distorted

Humanity is anticipating a spectacular performance. Two black holes will merge in a galaxy in the constellation Bootes. Scientists ensure that these occurrences will...

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