Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Just Captured a Breathtaking New Image of Saturn, And It Barely Looks Real

Hubble has captured a new image of Saturn that makes you wonder if it's even real. The image is so crisp it makes it look like Saturn is just floating in space. Which it is.

BREAKING: Hubble Just Discovered A Mysterious Hole In Space That Looks Like Opening To Another Universe

Images from outer space, returned by the Hubble Telescope, reveal a strange, undiscovered opening in the universe. The Hubble telescope, which has served as mankind'...

BREAKING: A Star Turned Into A Black Hole Before Hubble’s Very Eyes

When a massive star consumes its fuel, its core ends starts collapsing into a thick object and drives the remaining gas outward in a...

NASA Released An Incredible New Video Of A Star That Exploded With The Energy Of 100 Million Suns

On February 24, 1987, something unusual happened as astronomers Oscar Dhalde and Ian Shelton observed an unbelievable picture sitting on the top of a...

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