NASA Has Just Announced That Jupiter’s Moon IO Has Started To Send The Juno Probe Messages

NASA have just announced that Jupiter’s Moon IO has started to send the Juno probe messages. 

NASA Confirms Largest Comet Ever Seen Is Heading Towards Earth

NASA verified that the biggest comet ever detected has a diameter of around 85 miles and is now officially the largest comet ever spotted after Hubble Space Telescope studies.

BREAKING: A mysterious bright green flash on Jupiter was just captured by NASA

NASA's Juno spacecraft just captured a mysterious green flash on Jupiter's north pole, offering new insights into the gas giant's atmospheric dynamics.

Prof. Brian Cox Explains Why We Haven’t Found Aliens Yet – And It Is Pretty Terrifying

Famous physicist Prof. Brian Cox has recently made an entry in one of astronomy's most inquisitive and vital questions: Given the high possibility of intelligent alien life randomly prevailing in the ceaselessly massive universe, why, still, haven't we discovered any sort of indication of it? What could be the reason?

Flat Earther Spends $20,000 Trying To Prove Earth Is Flat And Accidently Proves It’s Round

In what may be one of the most enjoyable TV moments we can recall, a bunch of conspiracy theorists unintentionally spent thousands of dollars to show that, yes, the Earth is round.

Scientists Turn Nuclear Waste Into Self-Powered Diamond Batteries That Could Last For Thousands Of Years

We have an unquenchable energy need. When we need to run anything that cannot be plugged in, electricity will have to come from a battery, and the quest for a better battery is being launched in laboratories around the globe. Hold that thought for a moment.

A massive star has mysteriously vanished without any trace, baffling astronomers

A massive star has mysteriously vanished without any trace, leaving astronomers baffled and questioning the current understanding of stellar processes.

This Is What Soviets Saw When They Landed On An Alien Planet

The Soviet Union was deeply involved in space exploration throughout the 20th century, launching many groundbreaking missions to study our solar system and beyond....

Scientists Mapped 8000 Galaxies (Out Of Billions) & Made An Amazing Discovery

We are beginning to realize how little we know about the universe as we continue to explore it. For example, the number of galaxies in the...

Earth is NOT flat at all, But why is the Solar System Flat?

About 4.6 billion years ago, a giant shapeless cloud full of dust and gas condensed in one place due to the irresistible force of...

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