11-Year-Old Beats Stephen Hawking and Einstein in IQ Test, Achieving Highest Possible Score

Yusuf Shah, an 11-year-old schoolboy from Leeds, UK, has made headlines by achieving the highest possible score of 162 on a Mensa IQ test, surpassing the IQs of notable geniuses such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Mercury Is No Longer The Closest World To The Sun: Astronomers Just Discovered Our Star’s New Nearest Neighbor

A new astronomical body, an asteroid named 2021 PH27, has been found to be even closer to the Sun than Mercury.

Forbidden Regions On Mars That Are Not Permitted To Explore By NASA

There are few forbidden regions on Mars, which are not allowed to be explored according to NASA. Mars, the fourth planet from the sun,...

Unlocking the Universe’s Greatest Mystery: CMB Cold Spot Finally Explained

The CMB cold spot, a big mystery in the universe, has been explained by a recent study from University of British Columbia scientists. The cold spot is a natural consequence of the movement of our galaxy through the universe, not a supervoid or statistical fluke. This research helps us better understand the universe and showcases the power of modern scientific instruments and mathematical modeling.

“Capturing the Unseen”: First Ever Photo of Black Hole Ejecting Jets of Energy Released

A new study using the Event Horizon Telescope sheds light on the surroundings of M87's supermassive black hole and its connection to the galaxy's jet. The researchers observed a ring-like accretion disk around the black hole, which is connected to the jet, and provides new insights into galaxy formation, evolution, and the origins of high-energy cosmic rays. Future research will focus on understanding the precise mechanisms behind the connections between the black hole and its surroundings, with more detailed observations planned in the coming years by the EHT collaboration. These breakthrough discoveries push the boundaries of our understanding of black holes and their impact on the universe.

Mind-blowing Discovery! Sun-Like Star Devours Earth-Like Planet, Heralding Earth’s Ultimate Fate!

"A sun-like star devours a planet the size of Jupiter, showcasing its potential fate of our own system. Insights gained highlight the need for further astronomical research."

‘Another Earth’ Discovered in a Ground breaking Discovery by NASA

In a ground breaking discovery, NASA's Kepler mission has found another Earth called Kepler-186f.

NASA successfully hacks the 45-year-old spacecraft from 14 billion miles away

NASA's engineers have successfully extended the life of Voyager 2, enabling it to continue its valuable scientific work in interstellar space.

There are 6 Billion Earth-Like Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy Alone, Astronomers Find

Astronomers have made a groundbreaking discovery that has left the scientific community buzzing with excitement. 6 Billion Earth-Like PlanetsThe Research and MethodologyCriteria for Earth-Like...

Astronomers Capture A Cosmic Hand Hitting a Wall at the Speed of 9 Million MPH

Astronomers have made a groundbreaking observation using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, capturing a cosmic hand hitting a wall in space.

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