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Astronomers Accidentally Discover Black Hole So Big You Can Spot It With A Backyard Telescope

Now, a team of worldwide researchers has identified a supermassive black hole that devours the mass of one Earth every second.

A Repeating Radio Signal Is Coming From Another Earth-Like Planet, Scientists Say

Scientists have spotted a repeating radio signal from a nearby star system that hints at the presence of a magnetic field around one of its Earth-sized planets, reports a new study. 

NASA’s $10 billion Telescope has just captured its first direct unbelievable image of a Planet outside our Solar system

The James Webb Space Telescope has captured the first direct image of a distant exoplanet, a world beyond our Solar System.

Scientists just Found 300 billion tons of Water on The Moon

We know there's water on the Moon, but questions remain about how it got there, where it's stored, and how it moves around. In a new study, scientists from China have identified tiny glass beads in the lunar soil as potential places where water could hide.

The James Webb Telescope Is So Powerful It Can See The Clouds And Sea Of Saturn’s Moon Titan

Let's see what the weather is on Titan today…. Will there be methane precipitation, or will it be clouded by ethane? NASA 's James Webb Telescope continues to amaze astronomers.

The Moon Has Enough Oxygen to Sustain 8 Billion People For 100,000 Years

Although the Moon does have an atmosphere, it is very thin and mostly made of hydrogen, neon, and argon. This is not a gaseous combination capable of supporting oxygen-dependent animals such as humans.

Prof. Brian Cox Explains Why We Haven’t Found Aliens Yet – And It Is Pretty Terrifying

Famous physicist Prof. Brian Cox has recently made an entry in one of astronomy's most inquisitive and vital questions: Given the high possibility of intelligent alien life randomly prevailing in the ceaselessly massive universe, why, still, haven't we discovered any sort of indication of it? What could be the reason?

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Spots ‘Otherworldly’ Wreckage On Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has discovered “otherworldly” wreckage on Mars.

NASA Just Discovered A Planet That Defies All Logic

J1407b іs one of the ѕtrangeѕt рlanets іdentіfіed by ѕcientiѕtѕ. Thіs іs Sаturn on ѕteroidѕ, loсated аpproximаtely 434 lіght-years from Eаrth

Astronomers FINALLY Captured First Ever White Hole!

Many people know about black holes and how terrifying they can be with their unending appetite for swallowing anything that is unfortunate enough to come close! 

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