Quantum Physics

Conspiracy Theorists Claim The Large Hadron Collider Transferred Us Into A Parallel Universe In Latest Experiment

The largest particle accelerator in the world was restarted after three years of modifications and maintenance, and it quickly made its first observations of three exotic particles.

Possible connection between human brain and cosmos discovered: New Research Reveals

A new research has revealed a possible connection between human brain and cosmos on a quantum scale.

Breakthrough: Physicists discover that gravity can create light

In a groundbreaking discovery, physicists have found that gravity can create light under certain conditions, opening up new avenues of research in astrophysics and cosmology.

The impossibility of dying according to quantum physics- Explained

This article explores the impossibility of dying according to quantum physics and its implications for our understanding of life, death, and consciousness.

According to science, time doesn’t exist (but that’s okay)

Have you ever wondered what time really is? Is it a fundamental property of the universe, or a human invention? Is it something that...

Scientists Defy Physics, Pulling Energy Straight Out of Thin Air

In a groundbreaking development, scientists have managed to extract energy from what appears to be thin air, defying conventional physics and sparking new possibilities for sustainable power generation.

Time crystals have been seen interacting for the first time ever at the quantum level (video)

In a breakthrough experiment, published in Nature Materials, an international team of researchers from Lancaster University, Yale University, Royal Holloway London, and Aalto University in Helsinki managed to observe the interaction of two time crystals for the first time ever.

For the first time scientists observe the creation of matter from light

A team of scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York has reported the first direct observation of matter creation from light in a single step.

The Real Matrix: Physicist Says Our Universe Is Likely a Neural Network

The concept of our universe being a complex neural network might seem like a plot straight out of a science fiction movie, but recent...

Autistic Teenager With A Higher IQ Than Einstein On Path To Nobel Prize

When his parents first enrolled Jacob Barnett in school they were told to forget it and that their son would never be able to...

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