NASA’s Curiosity Rover Just Took The Most Incredible Pictures Yet Of The Martian Surface

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Curiosity rover has been travelling to the lower part of Mount Sharp on Marian
surface, and the rover just shared some color images that provide us
extraordinary sights of the bizarre rock formations on the Red Planet. 

As you
can see from the images posted here in article, Mars seems to be strangely
familiar, and it has acquired researcher’s attention. Curiosity project
scientist, Ashwin Vasavada, said:

Curiosity’s science team has been
thrilled to go on this road trip through a bit of the American desert Southwest
on Mars

These images
were taken by the rover in the Murray Buttes area on the lower
planes of Mount Sharp, which makes the central peak inside Mars’s colossal Gale
crater. As the name suggests, the Murray Buttes area is occupied with
formations called buttes and mesas, which are like minor, rocky uplands rising
up from the mountain slope.

These were
formed over millions of years due to weathering and corrosion, buttes appears
to be tall, flat-topped, and steep-sided, and seems to form from bigger mesas
or plateaus.

So take a good look at these images and remember that this is Mars, and its 225 million km (140 million miles) away from Earth.

Curiosity Rover has been travelling through the Murray Buttes area of Mount
Sharp for over a month, and it is now prepared to move on and travel to the
higher parts the mountain – but not before it finishes its newest drilling
crusade on the southernmost butte of the area.

Just don’t
forget to remind yourself that this is Mars, and it’s 225 million km (140
million miles) away. Thank you, Curiosity!

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