China Becomes The First To Land on the Far Side of the Moon and Releases Never-Before-Seen Videos

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When it comes to space exploration, the Chinese space agency has made history and continues to innovate. They have not only become the first country in human history to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon, but they have also grown the first plants on the moon’s surface, paving the way for the settlement of Earth’s natural satellite.

Chinese scientists began documenting the surroundings surrounding their robotic explorers after ensuring that the lander, rover, and the satellite circling the moon, which serves as an intermediary between the lander, rover, and scientists on Earth, are in good working order. After landing inside the Von Karman Crater in the Aitken basin, our solar system’s largest impact crater, the Change 4 mission deployed its lunar rover Yutu-2 onto the Moon’s surface.

What were the outcomes? Stunning photographs and movies of a completely alien landscape that have never been seen by human eyes before.

China’s Yutu-2 Rover has successfully rolled out onto the lunar surface. Image Credit: CNSA.

The Aitken Basin, where both the lander and the rover are stationed, is eight miles deep and has a diameter of roughly 1,600 miles.

China Becomes The First To Land on the Far Side of the Moon and Films Never-Before-Seen Videos

The Yutu-2 rover exploring the far side of the moon. Image Credit: CNSA.

Chinese scientists will conduct mineral and radiation testing during the flight. Scientists will also have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to analyze minerals on the moon’s far side.

Here are some videos:

[This article is an updated version. China’s rover landed on the Far Side of the Moon back in 2019. This article has been updated with the latest images and videos released by the Chinese Space Agency.]

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