Astronomers Discover Cosmic Superhighways For Super Fast Travel Through the Solar System (Video)

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Astronomers have found that gravitational forces inside the Solar System have produced an invisible network of “space superhighways.” 

These channels enable rapid space travel and may be used for human space exploration and the study of comets and asteroids.

A team of researchers led by Nataa Todorovi of the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory in Serbia discovered that these superhighways consisted of a series of connected arches in these hidden structures known as cosmic collectors – and each planet generates its own collectors, creating what researchers refer to as “a true celestial autobahn.”

This is a map of the superhighway structures surrounding Jupiter – concentrated on highly chaotic structure within the arches

This network is capable of transporting objects from Jupiter to Neptune in a matter of decades, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands to millions of years that are often estimated for the solar system.

Finding hidden structures in space is not always simple, but observing the movement of objects, particularly comets and asteroids, might offer important hints.

Scientists claim that they have evaluated data from “millions of solar system orbits” to determine their interaction. The advantages of such an examination will not be limited to accelerating the possibility of space flight. Studying these processes may also assist shift and even control potentially hazardous comets and asteroids.

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