An Unknown Force Is Pulling The Milky Way And Everything Else Towards It At 14 Million Mph

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There are two specific galaxies worth gazing at in the Virgo constellation: the Sombrero Hat galaxy (M104) and M87, which has a jagged shaft of light jutting out of it, and both are mysterious in their own way.

The true mystery of Virgo, however, is located farther away. Our local group, which includes the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy, and around 50 other galaxies, is the smallest unit of galaxies out there. The Local Group, in turn, is a component of the Virgo Supercluster, which has around 40,000 members.

Beyond all of this lies an invisible object known as the Great Attractor, which is dragging the Milky Way and everything else towards it at the incredible speed of 14 million miles per hour. What exactly is this thing, how far away is it, and what happens when we get there? Nobody knows.

The most enormous black hole feasible would be nowhere near huge enough to generate this impact, and there is no super-super cluster of galaxies to account for it. We are left with the potential of an as-yet-unidentified force.

You can learn more about this in the video below:

Reference(s): The Telegraph,

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