Surprise: Earth has a new mini moon

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Planet Earth is not the only celestial body that is suspended in space. On the cosmic journey Earth is accompanied by other planets, stars, constellations, cosmic dust and much more, among them: a special “mini moon”.

A look at the sky by the Center for Minor Planets of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory was enough to recognize the presence of a small and strange object that surrounds the Earth. This “minimoon” could be an asteroid captured by Earth’s gravity.
Earth has a new mini moon

This means that the small moon will be in orbit temporarily. In addition to the fact that its path is not very stable, the minimoon is gradually moving away from the system that integrates the Earth and the “official” moon.

The researchers mentioned in the Astronomical Journal that, quite possibly, this object will leave orbit in coming months. Meanwhile, we can enjoy this sporadic union of two moons with the Earth.

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