NASA discovers Stargate like ‘Ghost rings’ around a black hole

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NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory have captured images of ghostly glowing rings around a black hole in the V404 Cygni system.

These rings provide valuable insights into the black hole’s behavior and the space between the system and Earth. In this article, we will delve into the details of this fascinating discovery and what it means for our understanding of black holes.

The V404 Cygni System: A Unique Binary Star System

The V404 Cygni system is located 7,800 light-years from Earth. It is a binary star system consisting of a black hole and a companion star. The interaction between the two celestial bodies leads to an exchange of matter, which sometimes causes X-ray bursts. One such burst in June 2015 led to the creation of the rings that have now been observed by NASA’s observatories.

Light Echoes: The Science Behind the Ghostly Rings

The glowing rings around the black hole are a result of light echoes. When the X-ray burst occurred in 2015, the emitted X-rays bounced off nearby dust clouds, creating the energetic rings visible in the X-ray images. The diameter of these rings is indicative of the distances between the intervening clouds of cosmic dust.

Capturing the Images: Chandra and Swift Observatories

The images of the ghost rings were captured using a combination of data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory, Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, and the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii. The composite image displays eight rings created by X-rays bouncing off dust clouds, revealing the intricate interplay between the black hole and its environment.

Dust Cloud Composition: Graphite and Silicate Grains

Based on the amount of X-rays absorbed by the dust clouds, researchers have determined that the clouds are made of graphite and silicate grains . This information is crucial in understanding the composition of cosmic dust and its role in the formation and evolution of celestial bodies.

Unlocking the Secrets of Black Holes

The ghostly rings around the black hole in the V404 Cygni system hold valuable information for scientists studying black holes and their behavior. By analyzing the data obtained from the rings, researchers can better understand the processes occurring within the black hole, as well as the space between the star system and Earth .

The discovery of the ghost rings around the black hole in the V404 Cygni system is a testament to the power of modern astronomical observatories and the potential for groundbreaking research in the field of astrophysics. As our understanding of black holes and their environments continues to expand, we may unlock further mysteries of the universe and gain deeper insights into the nature of space and time.



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