BREAKING?: James Webb telescope captures rare star right before it goes supernova

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The James Webb Space Telescope serve as a “time machine” for scientists, providing a developmental timeline of galaxies and stars within them.

JWST has done it again by capturing a rare moment that extremally hard to catch.

The James Webb Space Telescope has captured images of a rare cosmic event that occurs just before a star explodes in a supernova. 

The images show a massive star in the final stages of its life, shedding material into space before it explodes. The star, located in a nearby galaxy, is surrounded by a cloud of gas and dust that is illuminated by the star’s intense radiation. 

The data collected by the Webb telescope will help astronomers better understand the processes that lead to supernovae and the formation of heavy elements in the universe. 

This is a significant step towards unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos and expanding our knowledge of the universe.



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