NASA: 5 Asteroids to pass Earth by a close margin today, November 17

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NASA has reported that five asteroids are set to pass by Earth today, November 17, in a celestial event that highlights the dynamic nature of our solar system.

These asteroids, varying in size and speed, will come within a relatively close range of our planet, offering a unique opportunity for scientific observation and study.

  1. Asteroid 2023 VX7
    The first asteroid, designated Asteroid 2023 VX7, will make its approach at a distance of about 957,000 kilometers from Earth. This space rock, measuring approximately 43 feet in width, is traveling at a speed of nearly 38,960 kilometers per hour.
  2. Asteroid 2023 VG5
    Following closely is Asteroid 2023 VG5, an 81-foot wide asteroid. It will pass by Earth at a distance of about 2.2 million kilometers, moving at a velocity of 83,832 kilometers per hour.
  3. Asteroid 2023 VX4
    Asteroid 2023 VX4, almost 35 feet in width, will come as close as 2.6 million kilometers to Earth. It is currently moving at a speed of 14,196 kilometers per hour.
  4. Asteroid 2023 VK4
    The fourth asteroid, Asteroid 2023 VK4, will pass by Earth at a distance of 4.7 million kilometers. This asteroid, nearly 76 feet wide, is speeding towards Earth at 42,690 kilometers per hour.
  5. Asteroid 2023 VW7
    Finally, Asteroid 2023 VW7, with a width of nearly 62 feet, will pass Earth at a distance of 2.8 million kilometers. It is traveling at a speed of almost 36,238 kilometers per hour.

This series of close asteroid passes underscores the importance of monitoring near-Earth objects (NEOs) for both scientific research and planetary defense. The data collected from these events helps astronomers understand the composition, trajectory, and potential impact risks of asteroids in our solar system.

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