NASA’s Curiosity Rover Just Sent This Picture Of Mars And It Looks Like A Doorway

On May 10, 2022, these images surfaced on social media platforms Twitter and Reddit and started to cause a stir.

Two images have recorded a mystery spot that some claim is manufactured (such as a doorway), while others contend it is only an optical illusion.

The images were captured by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover on Sol 3466, or May 7, 2022. They are the highest-resolution images available and are given below for study.

Note: Physics-Astronomy has no stance as no formal investigation or analysis was done. These are provided for archival purposes.

Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA's Mars rover Curiosity captured the first image on Sol 3466. (2022-05-07 07:58:16 UTC).

On Sol 3466, MAST RIGHT on NASA's Mars rover Curiosity captured the second image (2022-05-07T07:57:46.000Z).

On the GIGAPAN website, the picture is colorized and, arguably, of higher quality from a different perspective.

What do you think about this, could this be an actual doorway or it's just an illusion. 

Reference(s): Twitter, Reddit, NASA, GIGAPAN

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