APOD- Sunrise on Mars

           Ice deposits deep underground in the surface of Mars have already been discovered. Scientist think that about 3.5 billion years ago the surface of Mars had liquid water and due to climate change, water was no longer possible on Mars’s surface. So scientists think that they still can find water deep under the surface of Mars. There is evidence which proved there was water on Mars in the past, but there is no liquid water on the surface of Mars today. Curiosity rover is about the size of a car and is exploring Gale Crater on Mars and it was launched in November 2011. Its main goals are to investigate climate and geological structure of Mars.

             Everyone has experienced and enjoyed Sunrise. Sunrise is an attractive phenomenon for every human being. So far you have seen Sunrise on Earth but here are some magnificent photos of sunrise on Mars captured by NASA. 


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  1. Blind people haven't experienced and enjoyed sunrise. Flagged!

    JK. AMAZING photos

    1. Blindness doesnt rule out the ability to perceive. It means that there may be anything but the inability to see a photo

  2. Did you have the link of these images?
    And did they are really true images of Mars?
    Did they have a color camera on any mars settelite?
    How can be pictures be so clear and colourful?
    How did those pictures are taken from so near? Is they taken by rover or a settelite?
    It all looks like a cooked up images..
    Sorry, i am not saying your intentions are wrong but the sourse you selected for these pictures seems wrong..

  3. Sorry, but i am not saying your intentions were wrong but the sourse you used may be wrong one... Or may be my predictions be wrong... Give the links of these pics if you have..

    1. http://memolition.com/2014/01/15/sunrise-on-mars-17-pictures/

      This is the source

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