NASA Satellite Spots Helicopter Flying On Mars' Surface

A Mars orbiting satellite has seen the helicopter on Mars accompanying the Perseverance rover.

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spotted Ingenuity using its HiRISE camera, which is capable of capturing 28-gigabit photos in less than six seconds. The rotors of Ingenuity span barely four feet (1.2 meters), making this a remarkable capture. HiRISE is often used to monitor the status of Martian assets.

The Perseverance rover is currently sitting on broken bedrock known as the Maaz Formation. The rover is making its way through the formation, which is most likely volcanic in origin, in order to reach a deltaic deposit several kilometers to the north.

After completing its 23rd successful flight since deployment, Ingenuity is located 200 meters west of Perseverance. The team behind the Mars helicopter originally intended for 18 flights, but Ingenuity continues to shine. Additional flights for Ingenuity imply that it will very certainly be photographed once more by NASA's MRO as Perseverance approaches its destination.

Reference(s): HiRISE

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