NASA Detects Massive Solar Flare And It Will Hit Earth Directly Tomorrow

On March 10, 2022, a long-lasting solar flare occurred in the massive sunspot area AR2960. It resulted in a coronal mass ejection headed at Earth (CME). 

On March 13, charged particles from the sun are expected to arrive at 11:35 UTC (plus or minus 7 hours). This suggests that auroral activity in the Western Hemisphere might rise tonight (March 12-13).

The estimate is based on NASA's ENLIL solar wind / CME model, which is utilized by scientists. The effect is expected to be between Kp=5 and 8, or a light (G1) to severe geomagnetic storm (G4).

A massive CME will make a direct strike on Earth. The ensuing geomagnetic phenomena have the potential to create a spectacular auroral display.

Another CME, which departed the sun on Monday, March 7, 2022, sideswiped Earth on March 10. At high latitudes, it caused an auroral spectacle.


Earth Sky |  Sun news: Big CME direct hit expected. Aurora alert!

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