Yes, This Is a Fresh Tomato Orbiting In Space At 4.8 Miles Per Second

No you are wrong, this is not a photoshop( If you think this is). You are viewing a fresh tomato, maybe I should call it “a cosmomato?” or “A tomatonaut?”Floating in space, revolving at the speed of 4.791 miles per second and 230 miles above your heads. I know what are you thinking “Why the hell is there a tomato in space?”

If you're a good space nerd, you know now that the only things orbiting at 4.791 miles per second in space and capable of having a tomato involved could be the International Space Station or an alien spacecraft full of conscious, warp-drive skilled alien tomatoes getting set to attack our planet for centuries of tomato victims by humans.

Astronaut Koichi Wakata has the answer of your question: "One fresh tomato for dinner makes us happy in space. It came up with us on Soyuz TMA-11M two weeks ago."

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