Watch Cyclohexane Boil And Freeze At The Same Time

Image credit: Tom Enstone

We consider boiling and freezing as inverses, effects that occur at very different temperatures. Nonetheless, under situations of low air pressure these two can arise together, as we see in this spectacular video.

Materials can only be liquid in the attendance of a gas to put on vapor pressure. If there is no pressure, a substance will go straightforward from solid to gaseous stage as it warms. If you do this in a bounded space the gas formed will build up, generating pressure as it does so, until a liquid stage is possible. If not surrounded, the gas will leak and the procedure can last indefinitely.

The most aware example is solid carbon dioxide, also recognized as dry ice. Liquid carbon dioxide desires much higher pressure than most other normal substances. Take some hard carbon dioxide into a room and watch it converting directly to gas.

The video above is exactly what occurs if a liquid is positioned in conditions where the temperature is right at the point where it freezes and the gas pressure is detached. Some exposure has incorrectly described the video as presenting the triple point. 

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