The Most Detailed Simulation Of the Universe Ever Created

This virtual reality, the most detailed look at the organization of the cosmos yet, carries us through over 13 billion years in the lifespan of the cosmos in just two minutes. The Illustris video is the effort of a team directed by Mark Vogelberger at MIT using a system of supercomputers. It simulations, among other things, how the universe inflates, how galaxies are made (like our own Milky Way), and the procedure of how stars and black holes are made. There are a numeral of applications, but one of the most motivating ones that the team highlighted is that, by relating the simulation to real interpretations, we can get an enhanced idea of how thoroughly our theories about the mechanisms of the universe reflect reality.

The consequences of the simulation will also be detailed in an article in Nature coming out tomorrow. In the period in-between, you can learn more about out the Illustris project at its website.

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