Superclusters of Galaxies

Superclusters are gravitationally bound collections of several clusters of galaxies. A large-scale view of the universe shows that galaxies are not uniformly distributed, but that the universe is a foam that has a honeycomb-like structure. The inside of the honeycomb corresponds huge empty spaces, the so-called voids. The galaxies are grouped - because of their mutual gravitational attraction and these clusters of galaxies around these voids around and speak form the walls of the honeycomb.

 In the sectional areas between the honeycomb galaxy clusters density are higher and due to the gravitational attraction, collections of clusters , so-called superclusters connect with each other filaments and these are the largest discovered structures in the universe so far. However, the knowledge of the supercluster is still very limited, it is not yet clear whether the superclusters are held together only by gravity, or whether they have been grouped from other processes. The influence of dark matter, which may also play a role, is currently the subject of further research. It can currently only be assumed that the dark matter (about 74% of all matter in the universe) has a much higher influence on the formation of superclusters, as previously thought they have grouped from other processes.

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