Quantum Twist Could Kill Off The Multiverse

THE multiverse is gone, long live the multiverse. A far-reaching new view of observing quantum mechanics proposes that even the multiverse will come to an endA general understanding of the multiverse says that our universe is only one of an ever-inflating crowd of separate "bubble" universes. These bubbles are everlastingly budding off new universes even as separate universes age and die.
Image: Zigy Kaluzny/Getty Images

But a new vision of quantum effects – the idea of Sean Carroll at the California Institute of Technology and his coworkers – dares this picture. It is also possibly very beneficial for quantum theorists, as it does away with some pointed problems that presently dog cosmology, counting a particularly mysterious paradox concerning ghostly consciousnesses known as "Boltzmann brains". Carroll's vision originates from a fresh way of viewing random motions known as quantum fluctuations.

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