NASA's Futuristic Z-2 Spacesuit: How It Works

         The Z-2's suit port lets astronauts to slide straight from within a pressurized vehicle into a spacesuit. The internal hatch shield and moveable life support system (PLSS) are detached to gain access to the suit. Previously NASA suits were divided into unconnected pants and torso pieces. 

In online voting, the Z-2 visual design dubbed "Technology" won over two other designs, "Biomimickry" (left) and "Trends in Society" (center). Unlike the earlier Z-1 spacesuit (right) with its easy upper torso, the Z-2 has a hard merged upper torso for the longstanding durability required in a planetary spacesuit. The shoulder and hip schemes are also better over the Z-1.
Diagrams of NASA's new Z-2 spacesuit design.
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