Inside Enceladus, Icy Moon of Saturn- Complete Infographic

 Saturn's moon Enceladus is just like Earth, Jupiter’s moon and Europa Saturn's moon Titan in being a solar system body with liquid water on or below its surface. A deep ocean of water exist underneath Europa's 18 to 24 miles of icy coating. Near the moon's South Pole, jets of water are emitted into space.

The geography and interior of Enceladus.
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Saturn's rings were acknowledged in 1655 by Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens. Space analysis photos have exposed the true amount of the ring system. The E ring spreads all the way to Saturn's moon Titan, which orbits 750,000 miles from the planet. The rings are entitled with letters, in alphabetical order according to when they were detected. The moon Enceladus revolves inside the E ring.

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