Astronomers Create 360-Degree View of Milky Way Galaxy- GLIMPSE360

Milky Way Galaxy is a plane spiral disk; our Solar System stands in the outer one-third of the Milky Way Galaxy, in one of its spiral arms. When we stare at the center of our Galaxy, we see a busy, dusty region crowded with stars. Visible-light telescopes cannot look as far-off into this region since the amount of dust rises with distance, blocking observable starlight. Infrared light, conversely, travels over the dust and lets Spitzer to view the center of the Milky Way Galaxy center.

This is a fragment of the GLIMPSE360 panorama. Image credit: NASA / JPL.

Prof Edward Churchwell from the University of Wisconsin-Madison said“For the first time, we can actually measure the large-scale structure of the Galaxy using stars rather than gas. We have established beyond the shadow of a doubt that our Galaxy has a large bar structure that extends halfway out to the Sun’s orbit. We know more about where the Milky Way’s spiral arms are,” In addition to providing new disclosures about gigantic structure, Spitzer and the images processed by Prof Churchwell and his associates have made possible the finding of more than 200 million new things to the collection of the Milky Way. “This gives us some idea about the general distribution of stars in our Galaxy, and stars, of course, make up a major component of the baryonic mass of the Milky Way. That’s where the ballgame is.” The glittering panorama of Milky Way Galaxy termed GLIMPSE360 is accessible online at It is communicating and zoom able, providing users the facility to look through the plane of the Galaxy and zero in on a range of objects, counting nebulae, bubbles, bow shocks, jets, the center of the Galaxy and other interesting occurrences. The review led by the astronomers has also helped them to comprehend the scattering of the Milky Way’s stellar nurseries, areas where massive stars and proto-stars are whipped out. While Spitzer is helping astronomers to determine several of the mysteries of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is also adding new cosmological mysteries for them to consider.

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