Are We Ready For Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

Do we need a better or different kind of wakefulness of the universe in order to make interaction with alien civilizations? The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) mission is an initiative that originated in the 1970s with aid from NASA. It has developed towards the partnership of millions of Internet users for the handling of data from the Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico), where space tracing is carried out. Lately members of this project have been trying to go more deeply and not only hunt for extraterrestrial signs, but also energetically send communications from Earth to sense promising extraterrestrial civilizations. This is well-known as active SETI.

Image via José Antonio Peñas/Sinc

Astrophysicists, like Stephen Hawking, have by now informed of the risk that this indicates for humankind, as it could favor the entrance of creatures with more radical technology and unsure purposes. The moral and sociological suggestions of this scheme have now been examined by the neuro-psychologist Gabriel de la Torre. Who is a professor at the University of Cádiz. He said: “Can such a decision be taken on behalf of the whole planet? What would happen if it was successful and ‘someone’ received our signal? Are we prepared for this type of contact?” To response these questions, the professor directed a survey to 116 Italian, Ameican and Spanish university students. The survey measured their information of astronomy, their level of awareness of the physical environment, their view on the place that things inhabit in the space, along with religious questions, such as, “do you believe that God created the universe?”, or on the possibility of interaction with aliens. The outcomes, distributed in the journal Acta Astronautica, show that, as a species, humankind is still not prepared for trying to energetically contact a supposed alien civilization. The cause, according to Professor de la Torre is “people lack knowledge and preparation.” His words were:

    “This pilot study demonstrates that the knowledge of the general public of a certain education level about the cosmos and our place within it is still poor. Therefore, a cosmic awareness must be further promoted — where our mind is increasingly conscious of the global reality that surrounds us — using the best tool available to us: education. In this respect, we need a new Galileo to lead this journey.”

Do we want a better or different kind of awareness of the universe in order to accept contact from alien civilizations? Neuro-psychologist Gabriel G. de la Torre says he considers we do.

What are your opinions?

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