Supercell in Nebraska

This is an absolutely fantastic image, taken by Jeremy Holmes, of a Nebraskan supercell.

A supercell is a type of thunderstorm that usually forms in the existence of rotating updraft. Generally, supercells are less mutual than a classic run-of-the-mill thunderstorm, which is fortunate since supercells have the potential of being very plain. They can easily be identified by their threatening spinning structure and usually take place in dry climates like Great Plains of the United States, but supercells can form anywhere in the world under the right conditions.

Here are some amazing images of lightning storms:

Storms Over Western Australia
Craig Eccles took this insane image of an electrical storm over Western Australia

Lightning in Australia
Hillary's Boat Harbor Perth, Western Australia (Credit: Craig Eccles)

Majestic: Myriad thunder bolts banish the gloom in this massive electrical storm over Western Australia in this picture taken by storm chasing photographer Craig Eccles

Lightning over Kuwait (From Space)

Lightning over Eiffel Tower

Lightning Over Grand Canyon

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