Earth Objects As Seen From Space- A collection of Breathtaking Pictures

I am quite sure that you’ve often wondered what the Earth looks like from a far distance or from space. It’s a myth that has continued for years: the Great Wall of China is the only object made by man that you can see from the surface of Moon with unaided eye. Here is an interesting fact about Great Wall of China, seeing the Great Wall of China from the surface of Moon would be the almost same as seeing a human hair from 2 miles away. It is only possible if you have a high-powered telescope otherwise you’re not going to be able to see such a minute object. The average distance of the Moon is some 238,000 miles from the Earth, anything on Earth that you want to see from the surface of moon would have to be roughly 70 miles across for the unassisted human eye to be able to separate it from the surrounding landscape of Earth and The Great Wall of China is a mere 30 feet (9.1m). So we can easily say that it’s even close.

When asked what structures are visible from the Moon, Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean stated, “The only thing you can see from the Moon is a beautiful sphere, mostly white, some blue and patches of yellow, and every once in a while some green vegetation. No man-made object is visible at this scale.”

Well here are some magnificent photos of Landscapes of Earth from low-Earth orbit:-

(Click on the Image for Better view)

Mount Elgon From Space
A beautiful view of Mount Elgon, Africa from space. (From NASA's ebook “Earth as Art”)

Bombetoka Bay From Space
Image Credit NASA

Alluvial Fan From Space
This image of Alluvial Fan, China, from space is photographic proof that Earth is eccentric (Credit: NASA)

Mt. Cleveland From Space
Image Credit NASA

Satellite picture of the Himalaya Mountain ranges and the Tibetan Plateau
Image Credit NASA

Africa, Europe and Middle East From Space
Image Credit NASA

Black Marble
This image is a fantastic composite image showing our entire planet as it appears at night.
Credit: NASA, NOAA NGDC, Suomi-NPP, Earth Observatory 

Sochi's Olympic Lights Look Dazzling From Space
Image Credit NASA

The Grand Canyon From Space
Image Credit NASA

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