What Did Mars Look Like When It Had Water?

                Mars got its name after Roman God of War. Mars is also known as “Red Planet” because it looks orange-red in color due to Iron Oxide present on its surface. Among all the planets in the solar system scientist think that there is life on Mars or there was life on Mars. The first space probe to take a picture of the surface of Mar was “Mariner 4” in 1964. Mars is the best studied planet in the solar system. Mars is a cold Desert world and temperature at noon on the surface of Mars is about 20 degrees centigrade and a low temperature of about −153 degrees centigrade at the poles. Clouds on Mars are very faint and can be seen only when reflecting sunlight against the darkness of the night sky of Mars. Mariner 9 probe arrived at Mars in 1971 and it detected dust storm on Mar’s surface. The storm continued for a whole month.

              Mars is very properly nicknamed “The Red Planet.” Apart from various dry ice polar caps, the landscape on Mars is dry, cold and rocky. About Four billion years ago Mars was covered in liquid water just like Earth is now. It had a plentiful thicker atmosphere that kept the planet warm, sufficient for rivers to flow and for liquid water to exist. On November 18, NASA will be launching the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) which will try to conclude what happened to the atmosphere and water on Mars.

            Mars is the most studied planet by humans. Mars is much like Earth is many ways like seasons and polar caps. At the moment surface of Mars has no water at all but recent studies have shown that beneath its surface liquid water can be found. Scientists think that Mars once has oceans of liquid water like Earth has now. Below is quite interesting view Mars with Water.

(Click on image for better view)

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