APOD: The four Suns of HD 98800

About 150 light years away from earth, their lies a complex and yet beautiful star system. As you can take the idea from its distance, this magnificent star system lies in our own Milky Way Galaxy. HD 98800 is a multiple star system and it has two pairs of double stars. Out of these two pairs of double stars, one pair is surrounded by a large disk of dust. Recent data in infrared light from Spitzer Space Telescope indicates that the large dust disk has gaps. These gaps are appear consistently. Planets orbiting in this disk are the cause of the consistent gaps.
Illustration Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle (SSC)

One planets in HD 98800 appears to be orbiting a star with the same distance as the mars is from our sun. This star system HD 98800 has four stars. Just imagine how it would be like living on a planet with four suns. The above picture is magnificent, no doubt, but it is just an artist's impression of how the HD 98800 star system may appear to a close observer.

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