Correction Policy

While  Physics-Astronomy strives for precision and accuracy, we sometimes make mistakes. Then,  Physics-Astronomy will accept responsibility for rectifying the problem and will maintain a high degree of openness to ensure that no inaccurate information spreads.

To attain the desired degree of precision, perfection, and clarity, the following procedures must be taken:

A Note to Our Readers:

When a reader notices a mistake, he or she should contact  Physics-Astronomy or a member of our Editorial Team immediately.

If the correction question is provided through email, it should contain the recommended correction, a link to the article or post where the mistake was discovered, as well as the reader's name and contact information. Additionally, we would want to know the source of your correction.

The reader may anticipate a response from the editing staff and may be contacted further if further information or clarification is required by the editor. Please keep in mind that submitting a correction ensures that the problem will be examined but does not guarantee that a change will be made.

Physics-Astronomy Team:

Once our staff is notified of an inaccuracy, we will examine it using the reader's information and other web resources, as well as the writer's information.

If a mistake is discovered, we will make every effort to repair it immediately. All modifications to the material must be clearly notified to inform readers.

Channels on Social Media:

If the item in question was shared on Facebook, Twitter, or any other online channel under the control of  Physics-Astronomy, the original post containing the mistake will be removed and replaced with the corrected version.

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