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Uranus Has Suffered A Pounding So Hard That it Got Titled

A team of researchers has discovered that Uranus was subject to a colossal pounding by an object twice the size of Earth

62 New Moons Discovered Orbiting Saturn, Overthrowing Jupiter’s Record

62 new moons orbiting Saturn have been discovered bringing the total to 145 and overthrowing Jupiter's record.

Largest Space Explosion in History Observed by Astronomers

Astronomers have made a groundbreaking discovery: the largest Space explosion ever recorded in space. Originating from an ultra-massive black hole, this colossal event has provided invaluable insights into the mysteries of the universe. Unveiling the power and dynamism of black holes, it propels us further into the realms of cosmic exploration.

The Gaia hypothesis: Earth has its own life and we are part of a super organism

The Gaia hypothesis proposes that Earth functions as a living superorganism, where all organisms and their environment are interconnected in a self-regulating system. By embracing this perspective, we gain insights into the delicate balance that sustains life on our planet, prompting a re-evaluation of our relationship with the Earth.

Scientists Discover ‘Secret Symmetries’ protecting Earth from the chaos of space

Scientists have unveiled 'secret symmetries' in space, acting as Earth's protective shield against cosmic chaos. These evolving, mathematical symmetries balance gravitational interactions, ensuring stability in celestial orbits. This discovery deepens our understanding of the universe and underscores Earth's interconnectedness with cosmic laws.

The ‘Eye of God’, the nebula that observes us from 650 light years away

One celestial object in particular has captured the imagination of scientists, artists, and stargazers alike: The Eye of God, or the Helix Nebula. Located 650 light years away from Earth, this mesmerizing formation seems to be observing us, offering a glimpse into the beauty and mystery of the cosmos.

Black Holes – A detailed explanation

In this article, we delve into the mysterious realm of black holes, exploring their history, anatomy, and the ground-breaking work of prominent scientists like Einstein and Hawking.

First direct image of another Solar System Captured

Astronomer captured first direct image of another solar system in a ground breaking new discovery.

Our Universe Is Result of a Lab Experiment by Aliens: Harvard Professor

the idea of our universe being an experiment by extraterrestrial beings is a relatively new theory that has emerged in recent years. A Harvard professor has reignited the discussion by suggesting that our universe was created in a lab by aliens.

Fascinating Story of the only man buried on the Moon

This article delves into the captivating story of Eugene Shoemaker, a planetary geologist who became the first (and so far, the only) person to be laid to rest on the Moon.

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