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Science Reveals The Face Of God And It Looks Like Elon Musk

Once you see them side by side, the likeness is so obvious. Put an aggregative vision of what God looks like next to a image of Elon Musk and get ready to be freaked out.

A report that surveyed 511 American Christians issued a composite image of what the participants think God looks like. I looked at this face for a while, thinking it seemed familiar, like my uncle in his 30s, maybe? Then I saw that Gizmodo had picked up on the Musk-like similarities and couldn't imagine seeing anyone else in that face.

Psychologists from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill asked those 511 Americans to look at hundreds of randomly unfamiliar face pairs and pick one from each pair that looked most like how they imagine God. Every selected face pairs were then united into the composite face of the being that created heavens and earth... or is it the man who wants to moves us from earth deeper into the heavens? 

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