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Get Ready! NASA Is About to Announce a Historic Mission In a Press Conference

Yesterday on Twitter, NASA publicized that on Wednesday, May 31, it will announce more details about a historic mission. The mission is to send a spacecraft seven times closer to the Sun than any spacecraft has gone before. 

They are calling it ‘Solar Probe Plus’. According to the probe’s website it will be launched between July 31 and August 19, 2018.

According to NASA it will cost about $1.5bn and it could fundamentally change our understanding of the sun, while proposing vital insights into space weather - phenomena comprising coronal mass discharges that activate geomagnetic storms that not only harm satellite systems but can knock out power grids on Earth.

According to NASA a massive surprising solar event could knock out satellites and cost the U.S. alone up to $2 trillion in destruction — possibly even causing long-term electricity shortages worldwide.

Today in a news conference, NASA will provide more information about this hotly anticipated mission to the sun. You can watch it live here. 

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