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Here's What Happens When a Bullet Hits an 'Unbreakable' Prince Rupert's Drop

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Prince Rupert's drop, this weird, scientific enigma is a glass object that's created by dripping molten glass into very cold water. That process creates all kinds of crazy physical properties, which we'll go into later, but the end result is a teardrop-shaped piece of glass that's pretty much unbreakable at its bulbous 'drop' end, but which shatters from the slightest pressure at the elongated tail end. Scientists have been obsessed with them since the 1600s. But what happens if you shoot one with a bullet?

In his latest video, Destin from Smarter Every Day uses the newest technology to find out - and he's documented the entire thing at a glorious 150,000 frames per second.
Spoiler: Prince Rupert's Drops are so strong, they actually cause a bullet to shatter. And it's incredible science:

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