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Earth could be WIPED OUT by a 'doomsday asteroid' if governments do not spend 'hundreds of millions' each year on defence, top astrophysicist warns

A threat is always there for earth that it might be hit by an asteroid and results in a big destruction. An astrophysicist from UK, warns the world about this. Lord Martin Rees, UK Astronomer Royal, said: “humans are vulnerable to impacts from outside”. He suggested that government should invest more in defense system. His idea basically revolves around the two key points a better detection system, and a deflection system.

During a press conference in Luxembourg in the lead up to World Asteroid Day on June 30, Lord Rees said:

“I think we all are conscious that we on planet earth are defenseless to influences from outside we know evidence these have happened in the past”.

He added:

“It may not be the greatest risk or highest profile short term risk confronting earth, but if you make an assessment of what insurance premium it is worth paying in order to reduce impact, you would come up with a figure of several hundred million euros a year – which the world should be spending to reduce this risk. We know that asteroids pose risks to Earth and recent advances in sensor technology have radically improved our ability to detect and deflect these Near Earth objects.”

He recommended that a better detection system, alongside a deflection system would leave Earth less helpless to asteroid collisions.

This is not the first time that experts have warned that the Earth is unprepared for an asteroid strike. They did it before as well but were not be able to do anything regarding prevention. Two serious events that shocked world were the Chelyabinsk strike in 2013, and the Tunguska fireball in 1908.

Mr. Holdren clarified that there is still much work to be done. Although scientists have made a great advancement in detecting possibly harmful near-Earth Objects.

Nasa is already working on the Asteroid Redirect Mission which is ready to liftoff in December 2021.Last year NASA got the ultimate permission for an aspiring mission that will visit an asteroid and pluck a rock-stone from its surface to build an orbiting base for astronauts.

A robot ship will pluck a large boulder off an asteroid and sling it around the moon, becoming a destination to prepare for future human missions to Mars.
The so-called Asteroid Redirect Mission is targeted for liftoff in December 2021.

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