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Get Ready: NASA Is About To Make A "Surprising" Announcement About Jupiter's Moon Europa

NASA just said that it is about to make a huge announcement. On Monday, September 26, exactly at 2pm EDT (7pm BST), NASA will disclose “surprising evidence” of activity on Jupiter’s moon Europa. In a recent statement, NASA mentioned that this evidence “may be linked to the existence of a subsurface ocean on Europa.” So we can tell that it’s going to be pretty exciting. The announcement will be streamed live, but only audio that you can listen to here.

There will be several NASA’s researcher taking part in the announcement, but one of them is very important. That would be Britney Schmidt, a professor at the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. We looked at her online bio, her research contains the finding of habitable systems, and the ocean dynamics of moons and planets, particularly Europa.

Researchers have believed for a while that Europa has a subsurface ocean underneath its solid icy crust, with most approximations saying it comprises more water than is on Planet Earth. So far researchers have got indirect indication that it exists, but we’re still not sure precisely how large or deep it is and nor, significantly, what is in it.

Some researcher think it may be nourished heat and energy by hydrothermal outlets on the sea floor, for instance. For this particular reason, many scientist consider Europa as a good bet for finding life elsewhere in the Solar System.

These newest results come from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, which has earlier detected indication for plumes above Europa that were supposed to come from its ocean, but no repeat finding has been made so far. You could rationally forecast, therefore, that they probably have made a related discovery again.

Just for now, that's I know. And I suggest keep your eyes peeled next Monday. Europa is possibly about to get a lot more tempting as a destination for future missions.

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Anonymous said...

Why does NASA always have to announce that they're going to make an announcement? Why not just MAKE THE ANNOUNCEMENT!

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