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Elon Musk Is Just About To Reveal A Critical Piece Of His Plan To Save Humanity By Colonising Mars

Elon Musk is pretty convinced that no matter what we must colonize Mars with over a million people to ensure the survival of the in long-term. To make that possible, back in 2008, he nearly went broke funding SpaceX – his then-new aerospace firm – to keep building next-generation rockets. And now on Tuesday, at a stimulating moment in the 14-year-old company's history, Musk is about to reveal his grand idea: to turn Mars into a "backup drive" and completely ensure the survival of humanity.

This big declaration is planned for Tuesday, September 27 at 2:30pm EDT during the 67th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Guadalajara, Mexico. (You can watch it live at the end of this article.) But ahead of that highly expected speech, on Twitter early on Monday morning, Musk posted the first image of his "Interplanetary Transport System" (ITS) – a heavy-duty rocket engine called Raptor.

The photo displays a static fire test, which is when a cone-shaped rocket engine is connected to a fuel source, ignited, and test to the limits to measure its performance.

The Raptor's fuel is almost definitely methane burned with liquid oxygen, grounded on SpaceX's earlier hints about its Mars rocket system, formerly called the Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT) – and before that a self-descriptive "Big F**ing Rocket" (BFR).

Musk has already confessed that permanently colonizing Mars and saving humanity is his long-term goal.

You can watch the live announcement below:

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