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New Paper Claims that the EM Drive Doesn't Defy Newton's 3rd Law After All

A recently published research paper suggests that the controversial EM drive – also called electromagnetic drive - may actually work, and it clearly doesn't defy Newton's third law after all. A lot of space lovers are interested in the EM drive because of claims it can get humans to Mars in about 10 weeks, but previous research paper suggest that it doesn't work within the laws of physics.

But EM drive displays no signs of quitting, and after many series of tests - counting trials by NASA researchers at the Eagleworkslab, and an independent researcher in Germany - has approved that the propulsion system, someway, does produce thrust. Read more about EM drive’s history here. Apparently EM drive defies newton’s third law but according to a new peer-reviewed study issued in AIP Advances, the EM drive doesn't actually defy Newton's third law, because it does produce thrust.

According to the scientists, the exhaust being blasted out is really light, or more precisely, photons that have become paired up with another out-of-phase photon in order to shoot out of the metal hollow and produce thrust.

Researchers didn’t detected this before because photons must become paired up in order to discharge the fuel cavity, so that the two photons in those pairs are essentially out of phase, which means they entirely cancel each other out and have no net electromagnetic field.

Learn more about this study here.

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