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This GIF shows how mind-blowingly fast New Horizons is travelling through space

Travelling by Air on Earth is pretty exciting. No matter how much we might whine about long-haul flights, the fact that you can get to the other side of the world in in just simply less than a day is incredible. But this GIF below, made by Google product developer Clay Bavor, puts our stingy aeroplane speeds into perception matched to NASA's New Horizons probe, which just finished a speedy flyby of Pluto. The GIF matches the sight at 11,278 metres (37,000 feet) if you were travelling in a Boeing 747, the survey aircraft SR-71 Blackbird, or New Horizons spacecraft.

Just in case you're not much aware of imperial units, the 747 travels at 885 km/h (550 mph), Blackbird’s top speed is 4,345 km/h (2,700 mph) while New Horizons travels along at a breakneck speed of 57,936 km/h (36,000 mph).

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