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The Truth Is Here At Last: "Manta Ray" UFO Spotted Over Costa Rica

Before getting to this recently spotted strange object, I just want to say that this is ont of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Recently a photographer in Costa Rica witnessed a “Manta Ray”-shaped UFO, which had no observable means of propulsion. Which means it’s possibly not a drone! In fact, it seems to be using some type of anti-gravity drive. The video below covers tremendously zoomed-in close-ups of the object, so you can judge for yourself. And here’s a screenshot from the video by Paranormal Crucible, showing the totally not a drone object:

At UFO Sightings Daily, there’s an eyewitness account of the item’s presence, which remarks that it flew in much the same way a drone would have, but again, there’s no noticeable means of propulsion, so it’s definitely not a drone. Also, it was a quite bright morning, and the object did not redirect much sunlight. Also at that link with further info: more pictures of the item shows it is obviously not a drone. There is still no explanation for this bizarre object and that is the reason many are calling it a UFO. What do you guys think about this? [h/t Huffington Post]

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Anonymous said...

ufo's are there but like anything top do with light or spectrum or eyes can't are them bit with certain equipment that can display waves on other levels they can be seen bit this makes them react to being discovered. We have the technology to unveil them and e have but like any new form power it has issues and this deals with forms of life that have consciousness and desire and will so that creates conflict and war.

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