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North America To Scale On Various Planets In Our Solar System

We've all seen different images matching the size of Earth with that of other planets in our solar system. The problem with comparing, John Brady of Astronomy Central recognized, was that these images undertake a grasp of Earth's scale. So Brady got an idea to do something different and relate astronomical objects with bits of the planet his readers may be acquainted with.  All of a sudden, with the vast continent of North America dwarfed by Jupiter's storms, the universe seems an even larger place. In the other direction, Mars looks so much more human-scaled.

Image credit: John Brady/Astronomy Central. The Great Red Spot of Jupiter makes North America look minute, and even some of Jupiter's minor storms are bigger than the continent.

Brady has also done opposite the process, screening what the solar system's largest mountain, Olympus Mons, would look like if it swapped the Grand Canyon as Arizona's prime tourist attraction. At 26 kilometers (85,000 ft) high, it would really be a wonder, as the Earth's greater gravity limits mountains to a third of that size or less. If you live in Liverpool, UK, you may be interested to go for a bike ride around the area that Brady shows would be comprised by a neutron star, or make an same image for your own home with the with the little help of satellite photos.

Image Credit: John Brady/Astronomy Central. How the U.S. and Canada would look like as compared to Mars.

Image Credit: John Brady/Astronomy Central. Comparison of a Neutron Star.
Brady told the Huffington Post, “I got the 'North America on Jupiter' image to scale by looking at size comparisons on NASA images of Earth compared to Jupiter's Great Red Spot. The Mars image with North America placed over it was done by knowing the diameter of the red planet, then finding the distance between two U.S. cities. I used New York and San Francisco."
Image Credit: John Brady/Astronomy Central. If positioned properly, Olympus Mons would cover the whole state of Arizona.

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