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Here Is What Radiation Emitting From Uranium Looks Like

Ever thought what radiation looks like? You probably have buy I bet you didn’t think it would be as cool as this. This is a minor piece of uranium mineral placed in a cloud chamber, which means you can see the process of decay and radiation discharge. Cloud chamber is a closed glass container cooled to -40°C, topped with a coating of liquid alcohol. According to Cloudylabs on YouTube, who produced the video below, vapour released from the alcohol fills the container below, and max of it condenses on the glass surface, but some of it will stay as a vapor above the cold condenser.

Using this apparatus, you can visualize any charged particle, counting alphas, electrons, positrons, protons, nuclear charged fragments, and muons, and their trails will look dissimilar, liable on how fast they travel, how much total mass they have, and also their charge. 9Cloudylabs clarifies what you can see in the video: "This video shows the Cloudylabs's cloud chamber running for approx. 50 min with a Uranium mineral. After 40 min, there is not enough alcohol to make newer trails. With time, the alcohol [will] condense on the mineral. The small thickness of liquid alcohol on the mineral is enough to absorb a part of the energy of the alpha particles (their ranges in air for 5 MeV is 3-4 cm, but in water, it's 15 micrometres), so with time, the trails are shorter than in [the] beginning. It's preferable to make such experience during 10 minutes to have longer alpha track."

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