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Here Are Some of the Biggest Mysteries in Astronomy That Everyone Should Know About

Our universe is full of mysterious and there is lots of stuff that we need to uncover like whether the universe is finite or infinite. Why are there supermassive black holes at the center of almost every galaxy? Why we have not yet observed a decaying proton. The video below goes around more of this stuff, so watch and learn:


vicnsi said...

My burning question(s): what came before the universe(s)? and was universe created by some unseeable and unknowable force i.e. 'God'? which therefore would mean it was pre-ordained ...

OR was it instead just am extraordinarily random accident, of elementary physics, subatomic particles being in the wrong places at just the right time?

AND was 'big bang' just a red herring, to hide/keep/protect us (intelligent beings) from ever seeing/knowing what was before it...?

Unknown said...

Did you ever wonder that why everything is repeating itself like if you watch an atom there is an electron revoving around it and it's a very smaller level so that we even cant see that thing but if you take it to a bigger level then you see there is a sun and planets revolving around sun the same way the electrons revolve around atom and if you go to more bigger level then stars are revolving around galactic center 'super massive black holes' and so just imagine this thing in this way..we know very less about universe there will be more universes like multiverse

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